Thursday, August 14, 2014

Unfortunate kind of feeling

Sometimes I wonder why God gives me things I don't really need, but deny me things I really wanted. I am not being ungrateful. I do appreciate things that I have, which to be honest, are not bad at all. And God has been kind in making my life relatively easy. It's just that it's an easy road to a place I don't really think I need to be in order to be happy. What plan He has in store for me, I do not know. Why has He brought me this far, away from what I imagined my life should be, I really wonder. What lessons He's teaching me, I need to know. Is He preparing me for something? What is it?

Ya Allah, kau bukakanlah hijab yang menutupi mata hati. Agar aku dapat melihat apa yang Kau cuba sampaikan kepadaku. Agar aku dapat menggapai apa yang aku mahu, walau mungkin dengan cara yang sebelum ini aku tidak pernah tahu... 


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